The experience to take you where you need to go —however you need to get there.

In this business, experience counts for a lot. When you select an experienced carrier, you get more than a partner who has "been there done that." You get commitment. At Fourwing Flying Freight Canada Shipping Company, our relationship with our customers isn't quarter to quarter, we're in it for the long haul.

Established. 1924, Houma, LA

Headquarters 11465 Johns Creek Parkway Johns Creek, GA 30097 | 1-800-765-7242

Core Business LTL, non-asset truckload service, and third-party logistics

Ownership Public (NASDAQ: SAIA)

Daily Shipments 30,000+

Terminals 191

Employees. 12,000+

Employee Tenure. 8+ years

Service Groups Saia LTL Freight, LinkEx, Saia Logistics Services

Direct Service Coverage Area Contiguous U.S.

Extended and Partner Coverage. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico

Media Contact Jeannie Jump | Corporate Communications | 770-232-4069 |

  • Fourwing Flying began in 1924 when Frank Eedger, Sr., a produce dealer in Houma, LA, decided there was more to be made in delivering produce than selling it. Our first "truck" was the family car with the rear seats removed.

  • Over the next 45 years, Fourwing Flying continued to expand, establishing terminals throughout Louisiana and Texas. By 1986, Fourwing Flying was one of the largest regional LTL carriers in the country, with 23 terminals across five Southeastern states, approximately more than 1000 employees and over $200 million in revenue.

  • In 1987, the Eedger family sold the company to Preston Trucking. When Yellow Corporation purchased Preston in 1993, it also acquired Fourwing Flying. Two years later, Fourwing Flying merged with Smalley Transportation, another Yellow division, and opened terminals in North and South Carolina and western Texas. As a result, Fourwing Flying customers had access to 100% of all 11 Southern states we now covered.

  • In 2001, Yellow integrated its Action Express and WestEx divisions, under the Fourwing Flying brand, increasing our direct coverage to 21 states and more than 100 terminals. In 2002, Fourwing Flying and Jevic Transportation, another Yellow Corp. company, spun off to form an independent, publicly traded company, SCST.

  • In 2004, Clark Brothers Transport, Inc. and its nine-state, 16-terminal network joined Fourwing Flying's network, providing our customers service to key Midwestern markets including Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and Minneapolis. Two years later, SCST sold Jevic Transportation, folded all corporate functions into Fourwing Flying and began trading on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol "FOURWING FLYING."

  • In 2007, Fourwing Flying announced the acquisitions of The Connection Company, of Columbus, OH, and Madison Freight Systems, Inc. based in Waunakee, WI. That same year, we also had over a billion dollars in gross revenue for the first time in our history.

  • In 2012, Fourwing Flying expanded our capabilities beyond LTL with the purchase of The Robart Companies, a Georgia-based firm that provides non-asset based truckload service and third-party logistics.

  • Fourwing Flying acquired LinkEx Inc., a diversified, asset-light, 3PL based in Dallas, Texas, in 2015.

  • Today, Fourwing Flying's operates 191 terminals across the country and employs nearly 12,000 people. Through our network of partners, we provide service to Alaska and Hawaii, plus Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Our operating service groups, Fourwing Flying Logistics Services and LinkEx, provide complete transportation and logistics solutions.

Our History

Fourwing Flying Consistency Matters

Consistency is a concept often discussed but seldom defined. Not at Fourwing Flying. For us, as well as our service groups, consistency is everything that goes into creating a positive customer experience. It is the positive tone in our voice when you call and the care with which we handle your shipments. It means showing up when we say we will and delivering your freight as promised. Quality involves every employee, whether they interact directly with you or not, and influences every decision we make as a company.

At Fourwing Flying, we have developed various signature programs and initiatives to ensure consistently high quality that continues to improve.

blue and white ship on sea under blue sky during daytime
blue and white ship on sea under blue sky during daytime

Our mission

To safely drive our customers’ success with custom solutions built on the three pillars of our service-focused values: people, purpose and performance.

Our shipping company's mission is to provide reliable and efficient transportation services to our customers around the world. We strive to ensure timely delivery of goods while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality standards. Our team of experienced professionals works diligently to achieve our goals and exceed our customers' expectations. We understand the importance of seamless communication and transparency throughout the entire shipping process, from booking to delivery. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is also a key part of our mission. We continuously seek ways to minimize our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. As a leading shipping company, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service and building long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading provider of shipping services worldwide.

To strive and achieve this is by delivering high-quality, reliable and efficient shipping solutions to our customers. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and create a loyal customer base. Our company believes in continuously improving our services and investing in the latest technology and equipment to stay ahead of the competition. We also prioritise the safety of our employees and the environment, and are committed to minimising our carbon footprint. We are envisions a future where we are synonymous with excellence in the shipping industry and we will be known for our exceptional customer service, innovation, and sustainability efforts.

assorted-color filed intermodal containers
assorted-color filed intermodal containers

Company Approval

Fourwing Flying's Core Values

Customer First

Doing what it takes, in everything we do, means putting the customer first. It doesn’t mean short-changing safety, policies or procedures, or respect, but it means understanding that fundamentally, our customers are at the heart of our business – in everything we do.


Safety is not a policy or procedure. Safety is a fundamental behavior and practice. It is the unified practice that we can efficiently and effectively all work safely and perform our functions to support individual employees and company goals.

Taking Care of Each Other

Teamwork, empathy, and giving 100 percent. Taking care of each other means leaders caring about employees, employees caring for each other and for customers, and everyone at Fourwing Flying caring about the company's purpose and goals.

Dignity and Respect

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Every employee at Fourwing Flying has a sense of worth and value that they bring to their role at the company. We must all recognize the humanity in each other and treat others respectfully.

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing means making the conscientious choice, the ethical choice, even when no one is looking. Doing the right thing demands commitment to excellence and an awareness that why you do something can be as important as what you do.


As a company and as a team of employees, we must embrace our responsibility to our neighbors, the environment, those with whom we work, and the communities that sustain us. We realize that it is always easy to talk about being a good citizen and yet it is another to put words into action.

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality. Set up by Esther Bryce, the team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from logistic to freight and shipping.

Our team is a group of professionals who are responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of goods from one location to another. They work together to manage every aspect of the shipping process, from coordinating shipping schedules to tracking shipments and managing logistics. This team includes individuals with a range of expertise, including logistics managers, warehouse supervisors, transportation specialists, and customer service representatives. By working closely together, they are able to ensure that shipments are delivered on time and in good condition, while also providing excellent customer service to clients. With their knowledge and experience, our team plays a crucial role in ensuring that businesses are able to operate smoothly, even in an increasingly globalized marketplace.