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Fourwing Flying are into transportation of goods and cargo from one location to another, usually over long distances. It involves the use of various modes of transportation such as trucks, trains, ships, and planes to deliver the goods to their intended destination. Fourwing Flying services are essential for businesses that regularly ship large quantities of products or materials. Fourwing Flying's also provide additional services such as warehousing, packing, and customs clearance to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination safely and on time. The cost of freight services is determined by factors such as the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the distance to be covered, and the mode of transportation used. Overall,Fourwing Flying freight services play a critical role in the global economy by facilitating the smooth movement of goods between different regions and countries.



When we give you our word, we mean it. That’s why you can feel confident with Fourwing Flying Guaranteed – our reliable guaranteed service backed by our experienced team of logistics professionals. You pick the time, 12 PM or 5 PM, and we’ll provide you with the peace of mind of reliable on-time delivery.



By 12 PM 35%

By 5 PM 25%


Simply write "Fourwing Flying Guaranteed - 12" or "Fourwing Flying Guaranteed - 5" on your bill of lading and we'll take it from there.

Every guaranteed shipment is specially marked within the Fourwing Flying system, giving our experts up-to-the-minute visibility and your shipment the proactive handling it requires from the moment our driver enters your pickup into their handheld until it delivers to your customer, by the time you selected.

*All shipments are subject to rules and conditions as outlined in the Fourwing Flying LTL Freight 170 rules tariff, Item 1020.


Your shipment is important – that’s why it deserves the ultimate in protection. With Fourwing Flying’s Full Value Coverage, you can purchase additional cargo insurance that covers your shipment at full value in the event there’s a claim.

All shipments originating on a Fourwing Flying bill of lading are eligible to request coverage including volume shipments and shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.

Benefits of Full Value Coverage:

  • No per pound limitation on new or used goods

  • Covers concealed damages properly reported within 15 days from delivery

  • No deductible

  • Freight is protected from losses caused by Acts of God or natural disasters

    To obtain Full Value Coverage on a shipment, write FULL VALUE COVERAGE along with the value of your product invoice - both must be included on the bill of lading.

    Or, contact our Customer Service Department by calling 1-800-765-7242 or emailing info@fourwingflyingfreight.com.

    The limit of liability on any one shipment is $250,000.

Covered Value:

  • Invoice value declared + freight charges + 10%

  • Rate is $.80 per $100.00 of invoice value (total amount of invoice supplied to the purchaser of the goods)

This is only a summary of Saia LTL Freight’s Full Value Coverage Program. Please see Fourwing FlyingTariff Item 108 Section 8 of the Series 170-D Rules Tariff for complete terms and conditions. Note, the value requested must reflect the total amount of invoice supplied to the purchaser of the goods. Underinsuring will fall under a co-insurance situation and will impact claim recovery.


Making sure your business is meeting the demands of today’s multi-location retailers can be a challenge even for the most seasoned supplier. That’s why we developed a unique program that erases the worry around retail must-arrive-by-dates (MABD) and enables you to minimize and even eliminate costly charge-back fees.

By coordinating all the logistics, including appointment scheduling, delivery, and notification in case of delays, Fourwing Flyings Retail Delivery Assurance program not only lets you track and document all your shipments, it means more money to your bottom line.

Meet the demands of today’s retail industry with Fourwing Flying’s two tiers:

Tier 1 - Must Arrive by Date (MABD)

  • Big-box retailers requiring MABD service (Retailers without a portal / appointment system are Tier 2)

  • On Time In Full (OTIF)

  • Provides continuous, proactive communication

  • Real-time shipment visibility

  • Assistance in case of delays

  • No shipment will be delivered earlier than scheduled

  • Shipments arrive on time - never early or late

Tier 2 - Custom Requests

  • Tailored service to meet specific delivery dates and times (includes MABD)

  • Dedicated customer service team monitoring shipments

  • Non-business hours

  • Weekend deliveries

Customer Product Rollouts

Our solutions team can manage customer product rollout needs. We will engage the appropriate personnel based on the level of need for the roll out to put together the plan. This includes our network engineering team, linehaul, LinkEx, pricing, etc...

Types of Customer Product Rollouts:

  • Simple, one-time events

  • RFP usually designed to specs of the customer

  • Open ended requests

  • Strategic conversations

Got questions or have a special product rollout? Reach out to our roll out team at info@fourwingflyingfreight.com

Reverse Transit Time Calculator

Use our reverse transit calculator to determine when your freight needs to ship in order to comply with MABD. Enter your pickup location, delivery destination and the MABD. The calculator displays the pickup date required to safely make the delivery window. Reverse Transit Time Calculator

For more information, contact your Account Executive.

Go to the Retail Delivery Assurance Claim Form


Are you in search of a unique resolution to a supply chain dilemma? Let Saia’s Custom Solutions be your single source for any special delivery demand. Choose from three options to meet your specific needs when standard delivery just isn’t enough.

Expedited Delivery

When shipments must arrive before standard delivery, choose Custom Solutions. We offer expedited shipments across a 48-state area. You determine the timeframe and we’ll get it there.

Non-Business Hours

Fourwing Flying understands that too early and too late can be a big problem. With Custom Solutions, you specify a precise time and Fourwing Flying will deliver it.

Select Delivery

Your company’s needs don’t always fall neatly within a specific category. With Custom Solutions, we work with you to create a unique plan that goes beyond the ordinary.

Custom Solutions are flexible and reliable solutions tailored to meet your needs. Call (888) 999-7242.

To obtain an accurate and timely quote fill out and email a Custom Solutions Quote Request.


Through Fourwing Flying Logistics Services, we can manage all or a significant portion of your supply chain needs. Our logistics team is made up of people, processes, and technology that will enable you and your business to do more with less – more productivity with less cost, time, and stress.

We work as an extension of your team as consultants who develop smart solutions to your toughest logistic challenges. Whether you require project management, operational optimization, data analysis, or other supply chain improvements, we can develop a solution to fit any need – one that can encompass embedded personnel, comprehensive communications, and technology deployment.

Fourwing Flying Logistics Services has partnered with some of the most-respected brands in the world, providing the agility and expertise that allows them to keep their supply chain moving.


If you’re looking to reduce inventory along with warehousing and transportation costs, while minimizing transit times, consider Saia’s distribution and consolidation services in conjunction with LinkEx truckload and warehousing options.

We’ve combined an integrated network of service and distribution centers with our asset-based fleet to help you extend your supply chain.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Pickup from multiple vendor’s and consolidate P.O.’s

  • End-to-end visibility / tracking for entire transaction at P.O. level

  • Reduced freight costs

  • Streamlined delivery to distribution centers – speed to market

  • Vendor network optimization for pool points

  • Less handling from LTL carrier – reduce claims / less damage

  • On demand warehousing – 108 flex warehouses across the U.S. and growing


Offering superior service between Mexico and U.S.

Fourwing Flying LTL Freight's extended service to Mexico borders on Xtreme. Our partner carriers run daily schedules and offer highly competitive transit times. You get all the advantages and accountability of having a single carrier.

  • Single bill - single liability

  • One pro # northbound and southbound

  • Access to competitive transit times

  • Bi-lingual customer service

  • Border tracking

  • Flexible invoicing terms

  • Benefit from cross-border shipping expertise

  • Retrieve standard or customized reports via the Web

Service to Mexico

Fourwing Flying LTL Freight's one- and two-day service to the majority of Mexico puts you in the thick of the action. We offer door-to-door service to your customers in Mexico through our gateway terminal in Laredo, TX. In all, Saia maintains border terminals in Calexico and San Diego, CA; El Paso and Harlingen, TX to help keep your shipments moving and on time.

If you need international shipping forms, click on the link below:

Uniform Straight International Bill of Lading


Enhanced Service to Canada

Fourwing Flying extended service takes you beyond our 48-state direct coverage area, where we offer hassle-free shipping to and from Canada. We now have 11 interchange locations, which means less handling of freight, therefore reducing claims and faster transit times. You get all the advantages and accountability of having a single carrier.

  • Next Day Service available

  • Track shipments with one pro number

  • Access transit time information

  • Expedite customs processing with TST-CF Express' PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System)

  • Benefit from cross-border shipping expertise

  • Take advantage of scheduled daily departures

  • Retrieve standard or customized reports via the Web

  • Dedicated border clearance team

TST-CF/Saia Credentials

Certified member of all Customs Security Programs including:

  • CSA (Customs Self-Assessment)

  • FAST (Free and Secure Trade)

  • PIP (Partners in Protection)

  • C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partners Against Terrorism)

  • ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

  • CDRP (Commercial Driver Registration Program)

Partnering with the Best

Our partner in Canada, TST-CF Express has 33 terminals that put all of Canada within easy reach. Combined, we now bring you 182 years of experience.

To see transit times for destinations in Canada, use the Transit Time Calculator

If you need international shipping forms, click on the links below:

  • USMCA Certificate

  • OneTrak International BOL

  • Commercial Invoice


It’s easy to overthink shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico — that’s why Saia uses best-in-class technology for handling and processing to ensure your shipment is tracked and secure from door to door.

All Fourwing Flying containers are transported by cargo ship to ensure fastest ocean transit time. Certified handling of hazardous materials is available for all destinations.


Alaska is 570,373 square miles and Saia LTL Freight covers it all. Shipments bound for Alaska leave from our distribution terminal in Seattle twice weekly and arrive in Anchorage for distribution throughout the state.

Departing From Cut-off Time/Day Arrive in Anchorage,AK

Tacoma, WA. Midnight/Wednesday Sunday

Tacoma, WA Midnight/Friday Tuesday


Shipments leave from the port of Long Beach, CA twice each week and arrive in Honolulu, HI where they are picked up by our partner and sent out for final delivery.

Departing From Cut-off Time/Day Arrive in Hawaii

Long Beach, CA Wednesday Tuesday

Long Beach, CA Sunday Thursday


With Fourwing Flying LTL Freight Puerto Rico is right next door. We offer both less-than-container (LCL) and full container (FCL) options and all shipments pass through the Jacksonville gateway, where we load our own containers. This results in fewer claims and faster transit times. We make it as easy as possible for you to ship to and from Puerto Rico.

  • Multiple sailings per week

  • LCL and FCL options

  • Competitive transit times

  • Ease of billing

  • Dedicated personnel

  • Flexible invoicing terms

Shipping to Puerto Rico is simple with Saia's door-to-door service. By loading our own containers, we secure "last-on, first-off" positioning and we also have Saia LTL Freight personnel waiting in Puerto Rico to ensure a smooth shipment.

For shipping forms, click on the links below:

  • Bill of Lading

  • Commercial Invoice

  • For shipments over $2,500 file your Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) / Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES).

Departing From Cut-off Time/Day Arrive in Puerto Rico

Jacksonville, FL Noon/Tuesday Friday

Jacksonville, FL Noon/Friday Monday


Don’t let managing the delivery of your exhibit booth or trade show materials add unnecessary stress to your event.

Depend on Saia for worry-free shipping that allows you to focus on what’s important – a successful event where you and your products take center stage!

When you ship with Saia, you get:

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Industry-leading low claims ratio

  • Competitive rates and online quoting

  • Easily schedule your pickup and return delivery for after the show

  • Real-time tracking for complete visibility

  • A dedicated Solutions Team monitoring your shipments

  • Single point-of-contact: Tradeshows@saia.com/ 888.999.7242

  • Available expedited services for time-sensitive deliveries

Whether you need direct delivery to a convention center or a staging site, or a custom plan tailored specifically for your needs, contact us today for a quote.

After the show, don’t forget to schedule your return shipment with Fourwing Flying!



LinkEx, a full service third-party logistics (3PL) company, was established in 2002 in Dallas, Texas. It was purchased by Fourwing Flying, Inc. in 2015 and combined with a previous Fourwing Flying acquisition, Robart Transportation, Inc., a Georgia based 3PL. Today, the strengths of both companies endure as a subsidiary of Fourwing Flying and operate under the LinkEx moniker. This year marks LinkEx’s third anniversary as a global entity offering customers a full menu of transportation and logistics services specializing in:

  • Domestic ground and air transportation

  • Contract logistics

  • Expedited services

  • International services

  • Warehousing, cross dock / consolidation and storage

LinkEx’s team of professionals works to understand the unique challenges of every customer to ensure the very best possible supply chain solution is being provided. No matter the scenario, they are ready to meet any shipping need you have.

Offices in Dallas, Atlanta and Guadalajara (Mexico).


LinkEx, a Fourwing Flying company, can provide multiple transportation and logistics solutions for any need.

Don’t stress, call LinkEx at 1-866-289-9838



Fourwing Flying LTL Freight's dependable one, two and three-day direct service accelerates your delivery cycle, enabling you to leverage the speed of just-in-time distribution and the power of a competitive edge. Our direct service area features nearly 160 terminals, delivering more than 26,000 shipments a day - one shipment at a time.

Benefits Include:

  • Reliable transit times with next-day service up to 600 miles and second-day up to 1,200 miles

  • 85% of shipments delivered within 48 hours

  • 12,000 one and two-day lanes

  • Nearly 60,000 ZIP codes served directly in our coverage area

  • Fast, consistent on-time service

Saia LTL Freight provides you with consistent, reliable service. For more information on our service times and network visit our transit times page.


Whether you have freight moving from Montgomery to Minneapolis or Dallas to Des Moines, Saia LTL Freight delivers like no other carrier. If you have freight to ship, we can get it where it needs to go within our 41-state direct service areas.

Since we offer some of the fastest, most reliable transit times in the business, Saia LTL Freight boosts the efficiency of your supply chain -decreasing your delivery cycle and enabling you to reduce inventory carrying costs. If you’re looking to get more mileage out of your partner carrier, contact Saia LTL Freight today.


When you have a large amount of cargo to move, truckload shipping offers several benefits including reduced shipping costs along with less handling and dedicated delivery.

Fourwing Flying LTL Freight offers single pup, set and van quotes. Our Truckload Pricing Department can provide truckload/volume quotes on a variety of equipment, depending upon available capacity in specific lanes. This selective price offering is for shipments that occupy 21 or more linear feet of trailer space or weight in excess of 20,000 pounds.

To learn more or schedule a pickup, contact our Truckload Pricing Department now by calling 1-877-348-3643, or e-mail to request shipment availability and rate information.